Just about to graduate? Don’t panic – read this ultimate guide to graduate life

If you’re just about to graduate, the long and open future after university can be daunting. You probably have a million questions and no solid answers. Don’t panic – there is a mass of support out there for recent graduates – including this article! We can help by answering some of those questions that might be going around in your mind.

Graduate Jobs

Graduate jobs are the most popular choice for students following university. They have a secure feeling about them, as they are catered towards recent graduates and understand your position of limited experience. They provide exciting and interesting roles that throw you straight into the world of work.

All universities host career fairs in the final year, welcoming companies from throughout the country who are looking for fresh young minds. Start networking at these events; write down the information of the businesses that interest you and find out the opportunities they have available. Research graduate schemes online and get applying as soon as possible. Be organised to stay ahead of the game – don’t underestimate just how competitive these jobs can be.

Be flexible and open in your choices. Remember that you don’t have to stick with a job for life and can also take your experience and skills across to another career ladder. London is the center of graduate schemes. So also consider the possibility of moving to the capital for a job if necessary. If you don’t know where to start, check out advice from sites like Student Money Saver and their article on applying to the best graduate schemes.

Can I get a graduate job?

If you’re focused and motivated, there’s no reason you shouldn’t find a graduate job. It is true that employment rates for the young generation are notoriously low and many students return home to their parents after university. However, a 2016 study stated that 68% of graduates had professional jobs that required their degree. Despite the fear that society keeps spreading about the lack of graduate jobs, there are still millions of opportunities out there.

Are there any other options?

Of course! Those who look outside the box find a whole world of other options. Many young people are searching the international job market rather than restricting themselves to the UK. Others are exploring freelance or self-employment options.

If you can’t find a solid job, consider internships or work experience. These can help you gain experience that you can promote when the right role does come along. Plus it avoids that nasty looking gap on your CV. Keep improving your networking sources like LinkedIn. Follow your favourite business on Twitter and share your ideas with them – keep yourself available.

Jumping straight into a career after university is not the only option either. Perhaps you would rather take some time to travel, volunteer or spend time on projects beyond working. Many graduates take a year off career hunting to simply save money. Pay off that daunting overdraft, buy a round the world ticket or travel abroad to help a non-profit organisation.

Is it a good idea to take a gap year after university?

The answer depends on you – know yourself. Some people might lose momentum and motivation in their field of study. But others might embrace the great opportunity to gain some experience, both in life and for work. Apart from being a potentially life-changing experience, an impressive involvement in such activities can look great on your CV and inspire discussion in interviews. Various articles promote the benefits of postgraduate gap years, so listen to some opinions and see if you think its right for you.

Should I do a masters degree?

Students in 2017. With so many people earning an undergraduate, a postgraduate degree can help you stand out. Especially if you want to concentrate on a certain field, learning more about a particular subject is a good idea. Extra knowledge and qualifications help prepare you for that dream career. Just be sure not to study as a way to avoid the real world! Studying is great, but you’re never going to enjoy it or be successful if its nothing more than a panic decision.

So consider your options and think about what you really want after graduating. The important thing to remember is that this is an exciting time, not a scary one. Now you have a degree in your hand; the world is available to you. So enjoy it!

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