What we’ll deliver

Internspedia is a platform for internships backed by a number of Indian organisations, universities and colleges to arrange practical work-placements (internships) for students and recent graduates (interns).

We offer organisations of all structures and sizes the opportunity to take on our interns in their operations. Our interns come from a range of study backgrounds and are keen to apply the expertise gained through their tertiary studies to practical situations in the workplace. Over the years, we have proudly established a large network of Indian organisations and are always interested in growing our network.

Streamline applications

Confirm your request and create an internship code for candidates to use when applying

Extend your reach

Market your request via selected on Internspedia (includes colleges and universities)

Go social

Post your internship availability to over 20,000 students via Social Media

Pre-screening process

Collect, profile and shortlist suitable candidates that match best to your organisation

Screening process

Arrange an interview (and additional logistics) with candidates that match your request

Support & Feedback

Provide monitoring and support for entire length of the interns placement

Frequently Asked Question's

Our candidates range from interns looking for short-term placements to university graduates looking for full-time employment. All candidates are typically:

  • Aged between 18-30.
  • Hold tertiary level education (Masters, Bachelor and or Diploma levels).
  • Fluent in more than two languages, including English.