About the Internspedia Internship !

The Internspedia Internship is a professional work placement program designed to provide you with practical work experience in an industry related to your field of study. Placements are arranged specific to your individual needs. Our online application form gives you the choice of industry, location, start date, duration and more. The position you will be offered is generally paid |unpaid and suitable for you if you are currently studying at university (or recently graduated) and are looking to compliment your theoretical knowledge with relevant practical work experience.

Guaranteed Internship Offer

Apply and you’ll receive an internship offer with a reputable Indian organisation within three months.

Certificate Upon Completion

You’ll receive an organisation reference letter or Internspedia internship certificate at the end of your internship to bolster your resume.


Generally 4-12 weeks, however this may vary depending on your requirements and the number of days you decide to do your internship per week.


Paid internships are dependent on host organisation availability. Although paid placements are available, the Internspedia internship is generally both paid & unpaid